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JINHAP, founded in 1978 as a fastener specialty manufacturer, has been a leader in automobile fastening technology and precision forged products. JINHAP has been a key supplier to automobile makers in Korea and the exporter to global tier companies. JINHAP is highly recognized for its competitive edge that is built on continuous innovations in its product lines, distinguished quality control and management. This is made possible through its focus on the highest quality products, superior customer focus, secure distribution system, competitive logistics system, competitive pricing model through improved productivity, effective eco-friendly strategies, aggressive adaptation of innovative technologies, challenging global expansions, and creative human resource development. In addition, JINHAP has seen steady growth as a “Global Top Class automobile parts company “through the expansion of two Chinese subsidiaries - JINHAP Fastener (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. (2004) and Jiangsu JINHAP Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. (2013), the establishment of joint venture, JinhapBöllhoff in 2013, and the acquisition of a US company, Semblex in 2014. JINHAP constantly endeavors to evolve and innovate the company and its entire staff to work together to be the best manufacturer of quality products through effective communication, customer interaction and passionate challenge of our creative abilities.

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Mission / Vision / Core Values

Core Values
Customer First Communication and collaboration Change and innovation Emphasis on talents

Company philosophy

Company philosophy


Global Management Development of integrated processes
that are eco-friendly and create top products in the world.
  • Feb, 2014 Acquisition of Chicago based Semblex Corporation
  • Jan, 2014 Established JinhapBöllhoff (Joint Corporation with Böllhoff in Germany)
  • Dec, 2013 Established Jiangsu JINHAP Automotive Parts Co., Ltd., Yancheng, China
  • Sep, 2013 Chosen to be a global specialized company (The Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy)
  • Jan, 2013 Chosen to be a this year’s partner by Hyundai-Kia Motors (quality division)
  • Dec, 2012 Awarded ₩ 200 billion sales prize
  • Aug, 2012 Awarded ₩ 200 billion sales prize
  • Feb, 2011 Acquired the FTA certification of country of origin
  • Dec, 2010 Selected to be one of the top 100 job creating companies
  • Nov, 2010 Awarded $ 70 million export prize
Take-off stage Developing eco-friendly, high-strength
and high-performance products.
  • May, 2009 Received Excellence Award in the transparent management
  • Sep, 2008 Received the country’s Productivity Innovation award by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy
  • Apr, 2008 Received Delphi "Pinnacle Award"
  • Jul, 2006 Completed a new plant in Daedeok, Korea
  • Nov, 2004 ISO 14001, ISO / TS 16949 certification
  • Apr, 2004 Started operation in JINHAP Fastener (Kunshan) Co., Ltd., Kunshan, China
  • Mar, 2002 Awarded the Silver Tower Industrial Service Medal
  • Dec, 2000 Became a member of Global Fastener Alliance (GFA)
Growth stage Developed multi function fasteners and
eliminated need for importation.
  • Dec, 1999 QS9000 certification
  • May, 1998 Received Korean Presidential Award to be known as an excellent small and medium sized business.
  • Jan, 1997 Chosen to be an excellent company in terms of labor-management cooperation
Market entry Entered into markets, achieved development of multi function
fasteners and eliminated need for importation.
  • May, 1981 KS certification (The Korean Standards Association)
Entrepreneurship localized fasteners and raw materials.
  • Feb, 1978 (main) Established JINHAP


The CI of JINHAP is a pure logo type design without graphic patterns and has a clear image. Thick and heavy strokes symbolize solid reliance and the completion of products and are in an inclined form, encapsulating the vision of the company that dynamically goes forward.

  C100 M100 Y23 K10 / R47 G53 B117 / PANTONE 295C